Singletreff Offenbach am Main

The city hosts the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies to this day.

Singletreff Offenbach am Main Singlebörse für baden württemberg

In the east the three incorporated: Bürgel (incorporated 1908), Bieber (incorporated April 1, 1938), and Rumpenheim (incorporated April 4, 1942).

In the south are the newer suburbs Lauterborn and Rosenhöhe, Tempelsee, the office town Kaiserlei and the industrial area Waldheim.

Other important industries include the manufacture of machinery and electrical products, chemicals, and textiles.

In the 20th century the city's economy was dominated by the machine-building and leather industries, and it was also a major centre of the typography and design industries.

French Protestants (Huguenots) came in the 17th century and settled in Offenbach and contributed to making Offenbach a prosperous city, e.g., bringing knowledge of tobacco with them and turning Offenbach into a centre for rolling cigars.

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