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The second track, which existed west of Teterow, was dismantled after the war, making it a single-track line, as it still is.

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The Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Friedrich-Franz Railway (Großherzoglich Mecklenburgische Friedrich-Franz-Eisenbahn) was founded to operate the line, which later took over other lines in the country as well.

The original headquarters of the company was in Malchin.

As there were few wealthy investors, the Güstrow–Neubrandenburg line was built by the government of Mecklenburg-Schwerin at the initiative of Grand Duke Frederick Francis (Friedrich-Franz) II.

The line was formally opened on 11 November 1864 at Teterow station in the presence of the two grand dukes, Frederick Francis and Frederick William of Mecklenburg.

Strasburg was on the border of lines controlled by railway divisions in Schwerin and Stettin. A continuous D-express and an ordinary express ran to Hamburg, and four pairs of ordinary trains ran to Stettin (and five between Bützow and Güstrow), with one of them also running all the way from Hamburg to Stettin.

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