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First stamps only valid in the Saar Area were issued as of 10 January 1947.

A first set of definitives came out in mid-1947, and included 17 stamps using six designs, including worker of various occupations, Mettlach Abbey, and Marshal Ney.

The postal tariffs were adapted to the French postages, mail to France was to be franked at the domestic postage, mail to Allied-occupied Germany at the foreign tariff. Saarland issued a few commemoratives each year through 1956, punctuated by a definitive set showing various buildings, in 1952. Saarland was transformed into the Oberpostdirektion Saarbrücken of the Deutsche Bundespost.

The postal service of the Bizone subsumed mail to the Saar Protectorate under the foreign postage only as of 1 October 1948. Saarland; Post, Telegraph and Telephone Administration of the Saarland), keeping the headquarters in Saarbrücken. After the 1955 Saar Statute referendum failed, France accepted the prevailing preference of the Saar population to return to Germany. The return of the Saar Area to German control was commemorated on 1 January 1957 by a special stamps, then followed shortly thereafter by definitives with the then-standard profile of President Theodor Heuss, and inscribed both "SAARLAND" and "DEUTSCHE BUNDESPOST".

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