Single online Solingen ficktreffen Offenbach am Main

Solingen Bei bildkontakte findest du nette Single-Frauen und Single-Männer aus Solingen.

Genieße die Romantik in Solingen und finde auf unserer Singlebörse Kontaktanzeigen aus Solingen.

C.1864 #129496 L/R COLONIAL VICTORIA POLICE ISSUE ADAMS DRAGOON REVOLVER: 38 bore; 5 shot cylinder; 173mm (6¾") octagonal barrel; std sights; LONDON ARMOURY engraved to top strap with partial marking of POLICE FORCE VICTORIA to top barrel flat, having been officially removed before the revolvers were released from the Police Force; plain borderline frame; g.

profiles & markings; blue/grey finish to barrel & cylinder; traces of blue finish to frame; g.

profiles & clear markings; thin blue finish to barrel & action, plum to t/guard; g. C.1815 N/L INDO PERSIAN SILVER MOUNTED KHANJAR: 10" double edged blade with beautifully figured wootz-damascus with a mid-rib to both sides; large grip of crystalline walrus ivory; velvet covered scabbard with decorative open work silver mountings; vg cond. 9" curved blade of traditional form & having a small central rib & chevron pattern; gold washed hilt over intricate foliate patterns; complete with faded maroon fabric over wood scabbard, in need of attention; gold washed, pierced locket & chape; g. 1897 PATT INFANTRY OFFICER'S SWORD - AWARDED POSTUMOUSLY TO VICTORIA CROSS RECIPIENT, ALLISTAIR MALCOLM CLUNY MCREADY-DIARMID: exc 32½" blade etched with ROYAL CYPHER GR V & Coat of Arms & panel inscribed CAPT. 18" slightly curved blade struck with maker's mark & having small areas of light & dark staining & grey finish; brass hilt & shell guard decorated with birds, stand of flag & mythical figures; vg stag horn grips; fitted with a cannon barrel pistol to rhs of blade with 36 M Cal; 2¾" iron 2 stage barrel; foliate engraved lock fitted with a swan necked cock & semi-detached pan; gwo & vg cond. N/L BRITISH 1831 PATTERN GENERAL OFFICER'S SWORD: vg 31½" curved blade etched with acanthus leaves VR, ROYAL CYPHER, crossed baton & sword to both sides & WOLMERSHAUSEN CURZON ST. motif; nickel plated ferrule & pommel; vg stag horn grip; complete with nickel plated mounted black leather scabbard. C.1890 L/R FRENCH EBONY HILTED DOUBLE EDGED DAGGER: g. L/R FRENCH HUNTING DAGGER: vg 8" diamond section double edged blade; cast brass guard & hilt featuring Joan of Arc taming the English dragon; complete with gilt brass mounted black leather scabbard; g. C.1860 L/R BRITISH 1822 PATT INFANTRY OFFICER'S SWORD: vg 33" slightly curved blade with 85% original polish; plain blade with decorative panel inscribed W. T.; ricasso with Prince of Wales feathers BY APPOINTMENT marked HENRY WILKINSON PALL MALL LONDON; gilt brass guard inset with VR & ROYAL CYPHER; vg fish skin grips bound with gilt, copper wire; complete with sword knot & leather field scabbard; vg cond. L/R BRITISH LAND TRANSPORT CORP PRIVATE'S SWORD: g.

MAYFAIR LONDON inscribed within a panel near the ricasso; 90% original polish with a couple of areas of minor staining; std gilt brass cross guard & hilt; vg ivory grips; complete with sword knot & correct brass scabbard; vg cond. 4" single edged blade with scalloped back edge & W. ENGLISH GENTLEMAN'S KNIFE: 4" bowie shaped clip point blade with sharpening marks & swan motif trade mark; PREMIER NEWTON to ricasso; vg ebony grips; complete with brass mounted leather scabbard; both g. 4½" diamond section blade with lt staining; small iron cross guard; carved ebony hilt with ribbed & swirl patterns; complete with silver plated brass scabbard; g. 22¼" blade with light staining; WD & faint inspection marks to ricasso; std brass Gladius style hilt; complete with brass mounted leather scabbard; g. L/R ORIGINAL ENGLISH 1805 NAVAL DIRK: 6 1/8" narrow, double edged blade with grey finish & fine salt & pepper pitting o/a; I.

ber die folgenden Kontaktanzeigen kannst du jetzt kostenlos deinen Traumpartner in Solingen kennenlernen.

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