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My hobbies are going to the theatre, needle- work, traveling and meeti.....

Born in Hong Kong, but raised in New Zealand, I'm now working in Germany as a research engineer.

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Regensburg ranks among the oldest towns in Central Europe, with the first settlement on the site dating back to the Stone Age.

Its modern history dates back to Roman times with the construction of the Castra Regina fort on the site; the Bishopric of Regensburg was established in 739.

Beneath its northern end is the Historische Wurstküche, where Mozart and, later, Goethe munched on the famous Regensburger sausages.

The northern end of the bridge connects straight to the Old Town, a network of squares connected by small streets and narrow alleyways.

The city has a very good nightlife, a thriving cafe culture and some excellent breweries; the Spital beer garden, just off the southern end of the Steinerne Brücke on the banks of the Danube, is highly recommended in good weather, while the Kneitinger on Arnulfsplatz is a good beer hall.

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