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The design minimises the use of building materials and waste, leading to reduced environmental impact and a faster construction process.

The project sees White continue its successful collaboration with Oslo-based structural engineering company Florian Kosche, which specialises in wooden structures.

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The building has three main entrances that connect well to the city’s structure.

The entrances intertwine elegantly in the interior, creating ‘Växjö’s living room’, a beautiful vertical wooden room that connects all the building’s different levels …

The Swedish Professionals for the Built Environment has approximately 5 000 members, representing professions involved in every step of the building process – from initial idea, through projecting and production to management of buildings, bridges and other constructional works or spatial planning and environmental control.

Members also include chartered surveyors and real estate economists.

This new ‘living room’ is open, welcoming everyone from teenage girls and senior citizens to municipal employees and visitors.

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