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It is always busy - but either inside or outside you can enjoy great coffee specialties, yummy cakes and snacks. And there is also a variety of things (food, gifts etc.) to buy which gives the interior quite an unique flair.

Located in an artists house ("Künstlerhaus"), the interior of this restaurant is something else.

Definitely try all the local specialites like roasted pork knuckle, pork roast, Fleischpflanzerl (Bavarian meatballs) or Weißwurst (veal sausage).

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Inspired by the famous jazz musician Cole Porter, this venue is perfect to enjoy a good drink and fine food in a classy atmosphere.

The bar is the perfect spot for people watching while enjoying a perfectly mixed drink and listening to some jazz music.

It's one of these little corner cafes which make the difference between a nice city and a charming city.

And this is such a corner cafe which is particularly popular amongst long sleepers and breakfast lovers.

And while there is plenty still to play for this season, the club are already planning for the next campaign after completing the signing of Robert Lewandowski from Bundesliga rivals Borussia Dortmund.

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