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The name comes from a stream that comes descends the mountain (Culmin-aha, Culmna).This stream was later renamed Kohlenbach due to a misunderstanding.The area later passed into the hands of the Count of Schweinfurt, whose power was usually exercised through the office of the walpode.

В 1846 году «граждане-пивовары» Иоган Вольфганг Райхель, Иоган Конрад Шайдинг и Иоган Мартин Хюбнер объединились в общество пивоваров.

Это и стало моментом основания Кульмбахского пивоваренного завода Райхельброй.

After years of inheritance disputes the castle of Plassenburg and hence rule over Kulmbach went in 1260 to the Thuringian counts of Orlamünde.

The Orlamündes finished the new Plassenburg castle and founded the monastery of Himmelkron. In 1340, after the death of the last Orlamünde, pursuant to an agreement, the burggraves of Nuremberg, members of the Hohenzollern family, took over Kulmbach and Plassenburg.

The town is famous for Plassenburg Castle, which houses the largest tin soldier museum in the world, and for its famous sausages, or Bratwürste.

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