Online dating Greve

Names such as Will Bunker, founder of One and Only Networks—which later became—appear on the list of investors.

Online dating Greve

After launching, messages started flooding in with guys who wanted to sign-up, but couldn’t find a lady friend to join the online dating world and provide an invite—that’s when we knew we had to come up with a solution to our current system.

That ‘solution’ was something that had never been done in the world of online dating: An election process.

Guys or ladies, we have a zero tolerance policy for harassment here at Wyldfire.

To aid in the development of the added features, we’ve raised $470,000 in funding, after closing a Seed round last December.

By BRIAN FREEMAN, WYLDFIRE CO-FOUNDER AND CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Wyldfire is the original mobile dating platform with ladies as the gatekeepers in its tribe of singles.

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