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To accomplish this, he must assemble a dynamic team.

First in his team is Former Army Bomb Squad Captain Jagmohan Prakash, or Jag (Sonu Sood) who has a hearing deficiency which happened when he failed to defuse a bomb; he gets furious when someone insults his mother.

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Mohini ends up hearing the whole story as to why they wanted revenge, angrily confronting Charlie and his false motivations of the competition.

Charlie reveals a shocking secret that Manohar is not in jail but is actually dead.

Many people (including and especially Indians) despise them for their lack of dancing skill, but Charlie and his team (excluding the oblivious Mohini) are all only concerned with the heist.

In Dubai, the other competitors are especially hostile towards Team India, including Grover as he considers India a team of losers.

Though Team Korea secure the last position in the semifinals, the judges, moved by Charlie's saving of Korea's dancer and their spirit, decide that Team India will compete in the finals as a Wild Card addition.

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