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Whether you must exchange your foreign driving licence and whether you, before the exchange, must pass a driving test to check your skills depends on the country in which your driving licence has been issued.

Furthermore, there are various rules for how long you can wait before exchanging your foreign driving licence for a Danish driving licence.

If you have exclusively occupational ties to Denmark but personal ties to another country, you will be regarded as having usual residence in the country where you have personal ties if you regularly return to that country.

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Persons who have no usual residence in Denmark may drive a motor vehicle in this country if they are in possession of one of the types of driving licences listed in section 116 (1) of the Executive Order on Driving Licences (kørekortbekendtgørelsen), including driving licences issued in an EU Member State or an EEA country.

If you come from another country than those mentioned above, please read the information below.

How long you may drive in Denmark on your foreign driving licence and whether you must pass a driving test to check your skills in connection with the exchange of the driving licence will depend on the country or federal state, etc. A distinction is made between various groups of countries, etc.

Furthermore, the validity periods of Faroese driving licences which allow the holder to drive after the age of 70 are not accepted in Denmark.

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