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The film, financed and produced by Collective Digital Studio, follows the trio as they pull their best pranks and stunts.

These three have a whopping following of 25 million subscribers, which has translated to over three billion (yes, with a ‘b’) views. The film will be released day-and-date in theaters, electronic sell through and video on demand in early 2016.

The marketing campaign for the film is already underway — and with the social reach of these guys, every video could be an ad for the movie.

It began in earnest when Vitaly rushed the field during the 2014 Men’s World Cup Finals with the movie’s title written across his bare chest.

Lionsgate has bought distribution rights for “Natural Born Pranksters,” a movie starring top You Tube prank artists Vitalyzd TV, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady, in another bet by the studio on the power of digital celebs.

The film will be released day-and-date in theaters, on electronic sell-through and via VOD in early 2016.

He is a Finnish special operations paratrooper due to Finland's compulsory service.

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