Intim date dk Hedensted

Nevertheless, my youngest daughter Gitte put her heels firmly into the soft, Danish soil; Tes-La woul, under any circumstance, not leave the premises! Thanks Gitte, not for a minute did we regret listening to you!

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For those in the know, they felt the hairs standing up at the base of their necks, breaths were held and tears appeared in many an eye corner!

Her last show was the CAC-show in Hedensted in Denmark, with Tony Moran as judge.

Fan-Ming mated Shangrila’s Yin to produce a litter of Sommerlyst’s puppies.

INTCH DKCH BESG91 PLSG91 Shangri-La's Yin She came to Denmark almost by accident, she was 6 months old at the time, I was visiting Kennel Shangri-La in Norway in order to collect Shangri-La’s Gambo Songtsen.

The only requirement before they were given the lead was that they could follow her around the ring in reasonable fashion. Even at the ripe old age of 15, she was a dream to handle.

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