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Brake lies in the centre of the square formed by Bremerhaven, Bremen, Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven.With its position up from the North Sea on the lower Weser, which can accommodate ocean-going ships, its proximity to Autobahnen A29 and A27 as well as to Bremen Airport, this port city has a favourable infrastructure supporting land, sea, and air travel.

The SDP/UWG grouping currently holds the majority of seats.

Mayor Uta Maron, herself an independent, became Brake's first woman mayor in May 2000.

In 1756 came Brake's first documentary mention as a port city.

During the 19th century, Brake became an important industrial centre for shipping, and the port facilities along the Weser were further expanded.

Moreover, railway lines leading to Nordenham and Oldenburg/Bremen fill out the city's transport connections.

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