Dating Ærø

It takes over 2 hours to reach Svendborg without stopover.From there, we took a ferry that took us to Aero island.We were heading to one of over 400 islands in Denmark, and that excludes the Faroe islands and Greenland.

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Known as the “skipper village” from its being the home of so many sailors and captains, on the other hand, is the island’s largest town today and is its principal commercial and shopping center.

Luckily we thought of bringing the car along to the island, instead of leaving it to the other port where we had left for the boat ride.

Not until in 2006, together with Marstal in the east, Ærøskøbing is now a commune belonging to Ærø municipality.

With its narrow lanes and picturesque 18th-century houses, Ærøskøbing was historically Ærø’s main town, yet remains the primary port for ferry connections.

I got swooned right away upon knowing that this hidden island is dubbed as Denmark’s fairytale town.

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