Dating hall teapots

For items such as teapots, the cakes have water added to them and the resulting slip is poured into moulds and moved through the glazing and firing processes.When completed, the pieces are decorated by hand-painting, decals or printing. The company has reissued many of its earlier designs, including some that had previously been considered rare, such as the Airflow and Rhythm teapots, the Donut and Streamline jugs, and some of the water servers from the refrigerator-ware lines.His dream was to change from the two-firing manufacturing method; one firing to harden the ware and a second firing to set the glaze to the ware.

He finally recreated the process in 1911, and began experimenting with dinnerware.

(Some of their earliest dinnerware looks remarkably like Haviland Limoges, incidentally.) The focus remained on institutional lines, at that point in time.

The manufacture of Hall China begins with a mixture of quartz, feldspar and several different clays.

These ingredients are mixed together with water to form a slip.

During the mid-20th century, Hall China produced a number of renowned designs including the Ball and Donut jugs and the Nautilus, Donut and Aladdin teapots.

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