Single offenburg - Daniel single schwäbisch hall

Increasingly electricity is generated in and traded from locality to locality, and even across the country (or countries) via intelligent networks much like that in Schwäbisch Hall and other places in Germany.No one predicted this scale of locally driven, citizen-led energy boom when the Energiewende began.Their output, and increasingly that of the conventional, too, is distributed through a tightly knit, cross-border smart grid.

All of Germany’s political parties are behind it, though there are different visions: from go-slow conservatives to the full-speed-ahead Greens.

That means that around noon on days that are both sunny and windy, the country’s share of renewable power now shoots up to above 70 percent.

The prize-winning utility, one of Germany’s early pioneers in the field, is owned by the old medieval market town of Schwäbisch Hall, north of Stuttgart.

Most of the utility’s suppliers are private people, farmers, and small businesses, as well as "energy co-ops," which are clean-energy facilities owned and collectively managed by a group of local investors.

Popular activities in the surrounding area include hiking and cycling, and bicycles can be rented from the hotel, and there is a fitness centre 2,150 feet from the accommodation.

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