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The whole seeing-multiple-people-until-someone-brings-up-exclusivity is something we appear to be fine with.

But for the Irish race, this is too newfangled a concept for us to be truly good at it yet.

Casual Dating in Nordrhein Westfalen: Das größte Bundesland mit seinen knapp 18 Mio.

Einwohnern ist für Dating generell eine der besten Regionen der Republik.

Some of us say we do so as not to seem clingy, or be written off as a possessive psycho. The problem with this new world order is that we’ve forgotten to treat everyone like a living, breathing human being. And we are absolutely in over our head with the options. Take it from me, you’ll live to rue the day you ever went with limitless options at the boyfriend buffet, and giving it a shot with someone you may or may not have feelings for.

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