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You can see the short animation here on Blizzard Facebook page and the full size picture and animation in the gallery.

Releasing the logotype works i did for the incoming PS4 and XBOX ONE hit : Strike Vector EXThis was commissioned by Ragequit Corporation, a french indie game studio based in Paris.

Here is the link to the Blizzard official announce, available on Diablo's facebook page aswell.

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I did various features, logo and pictures for an Amiga 500 ECS production called "Blast from the past", this production was designed with the help of Facet / Lemon, Titan / Bomb, Dan / Anarchy, Soundy / DRD, Oriens / Shadocks, Virgill / Alcatraz and the mighty Dascon / Desire !

I worked a bit on a secret personal Pico 8 project, and helped design a logotype for the winning Cocoon PC DEMO release called Soul Splitter.

The animation and special effects works where done on images freshly painted by the legendar comic painter Bisley.

This work is finally cleared si i can share it with you.

The intro is visible here Release news is here and here The poster project is launched ! Help the Wonder Cat come back home through 5 worlds, 50 levels and 5 giant bosses. Artworks and Concepts available in the gallery Official Website : You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter Available now on for Apple i OS, Android, Windows Phones and Amazon Kindle The game has been greenlite on Steam and is now planned for release on PC and Mac on September 2015 !

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