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Tableau: What type of feedback do you receive from your students? Tableau: Did you notice any major difference in your course since you started teaching Tableau? So it might take two or three years of teaching Tableau to reach a certain point where you actually understand better the learning process.

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Ulrich, found that Excel wasn’t sparking students’ interest in big data. Ulrich is heading up the Institute for Population and Health Research at the School of Public Health. Ulrich: It must have been around 2011 that I found a link on an Excel forum to Tableau and I went to the Tableau website and downloaded a trial and I noticed also an interesting video from an American automobile club.

And Tableau could have been a tool to make more of that. Ulrich: Actually, I use Tableau in three different ways.

Tableau: Why did you choose to use Tableau in your courses? Ulrich: I tried Tableau myself and found it quite easy to learn and I learned also that I can analyze huge data sets in a short time. One way is a summer course centered around and focused on Tableau, where a group of 15 to 20 students learn to create dashboards, to analyze data sets.

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