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It’s too personal, so we use stomach as a euphemism for it.

—Stephen Could someone tell me what the following actually means? It is the name of a Mogol emperor, but it had also something to do with a royal title (of a prince) in the Ottoman empire.

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Being single is my attitude translate in hindi dating chat gratis Sorø

Is it okay to start with only after and then, in the second sentence part continue with does he? आप अंततः जीत के बाद, शत्रुता के किसी भी रूप को दिखाने की कोशिश नहीं की.

Perhaps it would be better to say , he actually introduces, but I'm not sure. , 19 January 2014 (UTC) can you please reply to what I told you im doing my head in at home alone wondering what's going through your mind if anything at all your the only person i've told I dont know what to do or say oh im sorry I cant just expect you to care anyway hope your good take care Sana söyledim ne yorum miyiz? (doublecheck it, please) —Stephen @Fsojic "к чему" is probably the best way to say it, but here's a list of synonyms, one of which is the closest word-for-word translation "на какой конец". --Wiki Tiki89 , 8 February 2014 (UTC) I've read somewhere that the word adyž in Tatar (what this language is supposed to be exactly, I do not know, but the context was of medieval Mongolians) means sorrow. , 10 February 2014 (UTC) Too many unknowns.

Yes, "умиротвори́тель" should be in the genitive case ("умиротвори́теля") as it seems the origin misses some punctuation (quotes), if "умиротвори́тель Москвы́" is a name of the project/monument. --Anatoli Alternatively, the name Cameron is occasionally Latinized as a third declension noun Camero (genitive Cameronis).

The Romans didn't use this name, but 17th-19th century writers did. Granger (talk • contribs) , 13 January 2014 (UTC) I do not know where to ask this but here, so here is my question: could someone tell me how to improve my English in this sentence: 'Without it, our world will be bleak, dark and cold – hardly warmed and enlivened by an artificial sun such as the one in the One State'? —Stephen According to Wikipedia, pork floss and rousong are English terms for a food/ingredient common in Asia.

You can treat me right or be a man and be honest and let me go!

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