Arie dating selma

The reality star continued: "I just want to keep my relationships private in the future.

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-Has he tweeted anything that mentioned who got a rose on a group date? All he’s doing is giving you the smallest breadcrumbs he can to keep you invested in the season without actually telling you anything major about what’s actually happening during the season.

-Has he tweeted anything that gave information on any of the guys? He’s giving you the bare minimum of what he can give you. A 2-on-1 date is coming up between two guys that don’t like each other? That’s about the closest thing to a “spoiler” he’s given out. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of guys who are on Jo Jo’s season that I haven’t even released yet.

I was told something on Friday, then something different but related to the same topic again on Sat night/Sun morning, then when Chris Harrison tweeted out this picture on Sunday, it all came together… We’ve seen him tweet out and IG pictures with former contestants a lot of the time. Not to mention, even before Ash Lee came about, I’ve said this a few times on the video chats over the years when asked, and any Google search will show that Chris Harrison was once involved with Selma Alameri from Sean’s season as well. I’m just here to tell you that the picture he posted Sunday of “running into” Ash Lee at a charity event is a lie.

However, there’s more to this story than Chris is letting on. He’s just making it seem like a random run in on Sunday. Oh sure, Selma denied it to magazines as you’ll see when searching, but trust me, they were absolutely dating. They were with each other both Friday and Saturday night before that picture ever surfaced. Hence the reason the title of today’s column says “is” and not “are.” I really don’t know what they are.

Schöne wohnung wieder sofort zu einem besonders guten licht selma darzustellen und optimal.

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